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actif  Sujet n° 1  Message de Nico

le 01/08/2009 @ 16:30
par Nico




Ce forum a pour but d'échanger sur différents thèmes relatifs au site, au camping de la vallée et ses services.
This forum is aimed at exchanging on differents topics relating to the site, to the campsite de la vallée and their services. 

Merci de laisser vos commentaires, suggestions ou annonces.
Thanks for leaving your comments, suggestions or announcements.

Vous avez aussi la possibilité de m' envoyer directement un email à cette adresse
You also have possibility to send me an email directly at this address


Best regards







Rectifié par Nico le 01/08/2009 @ 16:36

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Réponse n° 31
le 26/11/2015 @ 06:49
par iqs1ijiBGw


I came canoeing in the Wye Valley with 6 other frineds for the weekend and we had a great time! Despite the recent rain the team managed to get us out on the water and we had a lot of fun . All the staff were really helpful. We were impressed with the campsite too- lovely location and clean toilets and showers. Thanks very much!
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Réponse n° 32
le 26/11/2015 @ 06:56
par drEfUPvV7tE


What a plruease to meet someone who thinks so clearly
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Réponse n° 33
le 26/11/2015 @ 07:35
par SuYYWd6z


Tapez votre commentaire Vous peovuz utiliser ces mots-cle9s HTML : Notify me of followup comments via e-mail var RecaptchaOptions = { theme : 'blackglass', lang : 'en' , tabindex : 5 }; #submit {display:none;}
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Réponse n° 34
le 26/11/2015 @ 08:23
par 2r4OuEURUkBL


C est mwae2e2e2e2! En plus on m a copie9, j ai e9te9 le premier a le faire avec Kyro est le plus beau du monde XDD
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Réponse n° 35
le 26/11/2015 @ 08:34
par Hb1HvF6Z5MB


I haven't visited in ahiwle and could totally sympathize with your pnuemonia battle. We spent Jan & Feb (and part of March for me)as my 3 boys and myself all got it one. after. the. other. It was a long haul but it made me so grateful to live in the U.S. & have insurance, a car to get to the Drs & Walgreens. My "baby" just turned 5 Tuesday...where does the time go????
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Réponse n° 36
le 26/11/2015 @ 08:59
par rVwsOIPl


dit :Tre8s joli. J aime bcp mes murs avec pleins de caerds par contre quand tu n es pas proprio apre8s il faut reboucher tous les trous dc pas tre8s pratique. Sinon le mur que je pre9fe8re dans tes photos c est celui of9 il y a le grand plateaux d Audrey Hepburn d ike9a et les caerds vites autour.
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Réponse n° 37
le 26/11/2015 @ 09:02
par 6FmCX2lWto6


manuela - Toujours aussi belle tes photos Laurence, bon il faut dire quand meame que tes deux enftans sont magnifiques, et cela ne gache rien, bien au contraire- Que dire d'autre que bravo, et cette fois-ci, c'est ma petite famille et moi que tu vas prendre en photo-Bises
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Réponse n° 38
le 26/11/2015 @ 09:04
par mGEuzkddHa


I very much enjoyed reiadng this great article. It is intelligently written and chock full of great information. Thank you for making it interesting from beginning to end. I agree with you on many points.
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Réponse n° 39
le 26/11/2015 @ 09:33
par OP1qJTr1


Come on, let’s tell the truth. I was just shopping aounrd for the last few days to fill my marinol prescription. The lowest price for a 5mg dose I found was $13.00. The doc prescribed me 2, 5mg doses a day. That is $182 dollars a week for a crappy drug that does not cure a darn thing but works on your nausea and your appetite. For $182 dollars that would buy a month’s supply of pot that helps with sleep, stress, AIDS (HIV) & AIDS Wasting, Alzheimer's Disease, Arthritis , Asthma / Breathing Disorders, Crohn's / Gastrointestinal Disorders, Epilepsy / Seizures, Glaucoma, Hepatitis C, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis / Muscle Spasms, Nausea / Chemotherapy, Pain / Analgesia, Psychological Conditions, Tourette's Syndrome and the Terminally Ill. Write your senators and tell them you will vote them out of office if they don’t legalize this truly great drug. For you see I should be dead by now that’s what the lady at the Missouri Kidney Foundation told me just a few days ago. I am in renal failure and I have refused dialysis. ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) they call it silent death because you get very nauseas and can’t eat. Then you get malnutrition and your plasma albumin falls real low and will no longer support life, then one day you fall asleep and never wake up. Somehow I have managed to maintain my appetite for 41 weeks and it is not from taking marinol. The marinol is only for times the all-natural stuff is unavailable. I have to ask who wants synthetic junk over natural? AGAIN Write your senators and tell them you will vote them out of office if they don’t legalize this truly great drug.
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Réponse n° 40
le 26/11/2015 @ 09:42
par VQ5oqze5


In reference to the cmoments about if no epinhephrine is available could albuterol inhaler be use I was wondering about a similar useage with an over the counter product available called Primatene Mist . It has been around along time. It is a Epinephrine Inhalation Aerosol Bronchodilator. The active ingredient is listed as Epinephrine 0.22 mg .Would any help be gained by using this product. Simple, cheap, easy to carry in a backpack. Or is the amount of Epinephrine in it just way to small to really help in an anaphylactic reaction.
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